Frequently Asked Questions

  • Best picture quality.
  • Highest number of Channels.
  • Least rental per month.
  • Lowest connection fee.
Yes. Call center staff to help/guide you with any queries and technical crew to attend to your needs.
We will connect you within five (05) working days. If you are not LBN network area, we will estimate the cost of the connection and if you are in agreement, we will connect you within 07-10 working days. The cost of the cabling which you pay initially will be granted to you as rent free period.
No, It is the property of LBN and is only positioned in the clients residence to enable the client to receive digital quality pictures.
Yes. We expect you to fully understand the contractual agreement signed between LBN and its Client.
Yes of course, the facility to transfer is available , with an administrative charge of RS 2500.00 and the receipient of the transfer needs to be resident within the "LBN ZONE".

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